Blog Development + Social Media

Want to start a Blog but don’t know how or find the process daunting?? Let us show you the ABC’s and get you started. Examples of our work can be found here. Are you itching to start using social media/online marketing for your brand?  We can help you cross promote across multiple platforms for immediate impact.

If you are a new client, you may schedule a complimentary telephone consultation (30 minutes) with me. Since I am based in the Washington DC metro area, I can meet with clients locally in person. For clients living outside of the Washington DC metro area, sessions are conducted via phone and email.  I work on a monthly retainer, hourly rates are taken on a case by case basis, you can contact me to set those up.

Social Media for Brands

I have consulted with several beauty/personal care brands including Unilever (Suave, Caress, Ponds, Vaseline, Axe) as well as corporations and individuals on using social media as an effective marketing tool.  I have conceived and managed successful social media campaigns that build a steady, stable growth of followers which is essential for gaining and KEEPING quality followers.  If you are interested in services, please contact me to discuss.  Rates are on a case by case basis.

Social Media Strategy

  • Social Media 101 – New to Twitter/Facebook/FourSquare??  Not sure what it’s all about?  I can teach you how to use them to your advantage. Plus all of the rules, do’s and don’ts and features.
  • Ghost Tweeting I’ll tweet for your organization/blog, using the brand’s voice.  I will also provide metrics for you so that you can see how your followers are growing.
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Strategy -How to use these social media platforms to reach your professional goals, gain and KEEP more followers and build your professional network.

Blog Development/Migration

For self hosted blogs, I use WordPress and Dreamhost exclusively.  Wordpress offers the most functionality and diversity as far as templates go.  Dreamhost offers amazing customer service and inexpensive private servers if needed.  If you are currently blogging on another free platform, I can help you migrate to a self hosted platform and maintain all of your archives.  I encourage you to take the design questionnaire before booking an appointment so I can have a better idea about what you are looking for.  I can install a ready made template for you of your choosing or I also do custom blog development and template customization on a case by case basis, please contact me for rates in all cases.


  • I use social media everyday – I have done a great job at building my own personal brand over the past 4 years
  • I have been using social media since 2007 – I’m an old schooler, an early adopter if you will. I’m the person that was laughed at for tweeting on my Blackberry Pearl.
  • 12,000+ followers on Twitter over three accounts – The one account I have had the longest has the most followers BUT I have had much success with starting new ones for other ventures.
  • 2,000+ fans on Facebook – Good at gaining and keeping fans with contests and other engaging media.
  • 500+ connections on LinkedIn – I have been growing my LinkedIn network since 2004