Goodbye Michael…

I know there have been insane amounts of coverage on this so I will be brief…I will miss Michael Jackson.


Today, a legend will be laid to rest….and I feel like I need to say goodbye.  Michael meant so many thing to so many people…but to me he was my first crush.  I loved Michael…I used to bet his age (17 at the time) when my family played roulette at home.  I can honestly say there is a song I love of his from every stage in my life…that is amazing.  No matter what he was accused of, not matter how eccentric he became I still loved him.  If anything, I felt protective like he was mine.

So goodbye Michael…I will miss you and I hope that now you have found peace.

Michael Jackson – Last Goodbye

Goodbye Michael Jackson

I know I am not the only one feeling it today…so share your comments…

  • Latoicha

    Devasted! I am so sad. I will be glued to the TV and Internet all day. I madly fell in love with him at the age of 10. He was so gorgeous and talented and kind. I will miss him also.

  • Chasity

    I still can’t believe it – MJ was the first artist that I was introduced to as a child, and I’ve been a fan ever since. There will never be another like him, but may he rest in peace. We will all miss his genius, talent & ability to create magic through performance and music dearly. <3